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liateR is increasing online and in-store traffic with a revolutionizing shopping experience. We create environments that allow you to digitally try on and buy apparel & accessories products.

How to install

Enhancing your store’s shopping experience or creating a pop-up presence for your brand,is really simple.You just need a screen (any type or projector), a laptop or pc and a 3D camera.First you need to upload photos that show the front side of unworn clothes and then install liateR’s software in order to have access to all functions and features.

How to use

Every product user will be given access to manage and edit all products. This can be configured through a dashboard. This is where you can also find all your analytics and how to connect it your to online store and other social media. Augmented reality and gesture control can be used both offline and online.

How to pay

Payments are made by fixed direct debit on a monthly basis. There is an additional installation fee. This may vary depending on the type and number of installations. All hardware equipment can be ordered or purchased independently. The extra cost for the hardware equipment may vary depending on the type/model requested.

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x more Visual Attraction
x more Connections with online media
% of the Users enter the store

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